HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Here is an example of a dumb button.
<button type=”button”>Do Something</button>
Figure 5-9 The bookings form with the new Submit button.
Adding a Drop-Down Menu to Your
Bookings Page
You've already learned how you can use radio buttons to create multiple options for users to choose from. In this
section, you learn how to use the <select> and <option> elements to create a drop-down menu. You will then
use these elements to create a drop-down menu for the restaurant field on your Bookings page, eliminating the need
for the user to type in the restaurant location.
The <select> and <option> Elements
To create a drop-down menu, you use a <select> element. This element serves a similar purpose to the <input>
element in that it is used to set the name of the form control as well as other attributes, such as its class and id .
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