HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
15. Save the news.html file.
You can add more news articles if you would like. Just follow the same template that you have used in this section.
Figure 4-14 shows how the News page should be displayed in your browser.
Figure 4-14 The News page.
In this chapter, you accomplished a lot. You put to use the templates that you created in the previous chapters in or-
der to create all the pages for your website. You then added content to each page using your growing knowledge of
HTML elements.
As you progressed through this chapter, you learned about some pretty important HTML elements, including tables
and a whole bunch of elements used for marking up text. Appendix A also contains information on a few more ele-
ments that can be used for giving your text greater semantic meaning. I couldn't quite fit them into this chapter, but
this would be a great time to read through that appendix. Although you won't be using these elements in the example
website you are building, they are good to know and may come in useful in future, real projects.
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