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Building a Web
Site with Database
• Plan and design a Web site
• Create a template
• Create and use a CSS style sheet
• Insert the Spry Menu Bar widget
• Create and use library items
• Create template-based Web
pages that include page
headings, text, images,
an image map, and a
rollover button
• Create and test a form
• Insert a Flash movie, Flash
text, a Shockwave movie, a
Flash video, or a sound in a
Web page
• Preview and test each page in
a Web site
Case | antimag
Dan and Cat, the promoters of antifest, want to create an online
zine to promote the fest and the bands that play at the fest. The
monthly online zine will be called antimag . Each issue will include
band interviews, a calendar of local performances and events,
reviews of local performances and new CD releases, and reader
reviews and comments. The zine will also include a “Wanted” sec-
tion for bands looking for new members and a section that features
a local venue.
1. Create a list of site goals; review the list for order of impor-
tance and the wording.
2. Defi ne a target audience and create a user profi le for the site.
( Hint : Research the target audience as needed.)
3. Conduct market research to gather information about at least
four e-zine Web sites as well as two Web sites that promote
local venues and bands, and then write a paragraph summa-
rizing your fi ndings.
4. Develop two end-user scenarios for the site.
5. Create an information category outline for the site.
6. Create a fl owchart for the site.
7. Develop a site concept and a metaphor for the site. Write a
paragraph explaining your choices.
8. Choose a color palette, fonts, and a graphic style for the site.
Write a paragraph explaining your choices.
9. Create rough sketches of two layouts for the site. Write a para-
graph explaining which layout you prefer and why.
10. Check the layout of the design you prefer for logic, and verify
that your design reinforces the site goals and supports the site
11. Create a local site defi nition and a remote site defi nition.
12. Create a main template for the site, using div tags and CSS to
lay out the page.
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