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9. On the toolbar, click the Print button arrow
, and then click Print Preview
to view the page as it will print. See Figure 8-54.
Figure 8-54
Home page optimized for printing in print preview
10. Close the print preview window, and then preview and print preview each of the
other pages to check both the screen and print display of the pages.
11. Close the browser, close the pages, and then close the style sheet.
Updating the Web Site on the Remote Server
As a fi nal test of the latest version of the pages in the NextBest Fest site, you'll view the
pages over the Web. You'll upload the pages you changed and the new dependent fi les
to your remote server, and then view the site over the Web.
To upload and preview the updated remote NextBest Fest site:
1. Connect to your remote host.
2. Use the Put file(s) button
to upload the updated pages and dependent files to
your remote site.
3. Disconnect from your remote site.
4. In your browser, open the home page of your remote NextBest Fest site.
5. Preview each of the pages, reviewing the new content and checking the print
preview of each page.
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