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Creating a Spry Data Set
Creating the Spry data set involves several steps. First, you specify the source document
and the container from which the data will be collected. Second, you determine the
column by which the data will be sorted and the order in which the data will be sorted.
Finally, you specify the layout and interactive functionality of the data in the Web page.
Dreamweaver provides a wizard to walk you through this process.
You'll create a Spry data set in the home page using the table in the schedule.html
page as the source document.
To create a Spry data set in the home page:
1. Click the index.html tab to display the page in the Document window, and
place the insertion point to the left of the Welcome to the NextBest Fest Web site
2. In the Spry category of the Insert panel, click the Spry Data Set button. The Spry
Data Set dialog box opens.
3. Click the Select Data Type button, and then click HTML . The source document
for the data set is an HTML file—the schedule.html page in the NextBest Fest site.
4. In the Data Set Name box, type sat_stage_sched , and then, if necessary, click the
Detect button and click Tables . This specifies that the data will come from a table
with the ID sat_stage_sched—the new satellite stage table in the schedule.html
page. See Figure 8-20.
Figure 8-20
Spry Data Set wizard—Specify Data Source
enter the t a ble name
select T ables
select HTML as the
source data type
browse to select the
schedule.html page
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