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12. Save the page, preview the page in a browser, and then close the browser.
13. In the All Rules pane of the CSS Styles panel, select all the internal styles in the list,
right-click the selected styles, and then click Move CSS Rules.
14. In the Move to External Style Sheet dialog box, select antistyles.css from the style
sheet list, if necessary, and then click the OK button. The styles are removed from the
page's internal style sheet and added to the external style sheet.
15. Save the page, and then save the style sheet.
16. In the Document window, select the Insert logo image, delete it, insert a nonbreaking
space (press Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar), type antifest , and then select the text and apply
the h1 tag.
17. Select all of the text in the sidebar 1 div (make sure that the ul.nav tag is selected
in the status bar), press the Delete key, and then type the following navigation text,
pressing the Enter keys simultaneously after each word except the last: home , lineup ,
schedule , tickets , and directions .
18. Create the following links from the navigation text to the pages that you will create:
home - index.html , lineup - lineup.html , schedule - schedule.html , tickets - tickets.
html , and directions - directions.html .
19. Select the footer placeholder text, read the text, and then type © copyright 2012,
antifest, inc. , inserting the copyright symbol from the Characters list in the Text cat-
egory of the Insert panel.
20. Save the page, create four duplicates of the page, and then rename the duplicated
pages as lineup.html , schedule.html , tickets.html , and directions.html .
21. Preview the page in the browser, test the navigation links, and then close the
22. In the Title box on the Document toolbar, enter antifest - home , read the place-
holder text in the main content area, select the heading in the main content place-
holder text, and then type antifest, home of the world's freest festival .
23. Select the top paragraph of placeholder text, and then type antifest is an
independent music festival that has been created to provide you with an
opportunity to hear some of the best, independent music in the world. This is a
grassroots festival. We do not accept any corporate sponsorship so that we can
continue to keep the music pure. (including the period).
24. Select the h2 level heading placeholder text, and then type news .
25. Select the remaining paragraphs of placeholder text, and then type Next year's
festival lineup is already taking shape. We already have confi rmation from a few
of your favorite bands, including sloth child and black lab. . .stay tuned for more.
(including the period). Save and close the page.
26. For each of the remaining pages you created for the site, open the page, change the
page title to correspond to the fi lename (for example, lineup.html has the page title
antifest - lineup ), replace the main content heading placeholder text with the name
of the page (for example, lineup.html has the name lineup ), replace the rest of the
content with coming soon. , and then save and close the page.
27. Preview the pages in the browser, testing the links, and then close the browser.
28. Upload the pages and the stylesheets folder to your remote server, and then preview
the site over the Internet.
29. Submit the fi nished fi les to your instructor.
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