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Review Assignments
Data File needed for the Review Assignments: antihome.docx
Cat wants you to create an external style sheet with styles for headings and subheadings
for the antifest site. She has a document with content for the home page that she wants
you to add to the site to begin generating interest in and promoting next year's fest.
1. Open the antifest site you created in Tutorial 2, open the index.html page in the
Document window, and then switch to Design view.
2. In the CSS Styles panel, switch to the All pane, and then expand the <style> list, if
3. Click the fi rst style in the list, press and hold the Shift key, click the last style in the
list, and then release the Shift key to select all the styles in the list.
4. Right-click the selected styles, and then click Move CSS Rules on the context menu
to open the Move To External Style Sheet dialog box.
5. Click the A new style sheet option button, and then click the OK button to open the
Save Style Sheet File As dialog box.
6. Create a new folder named stylesheets in the local site folder, name the external
style sheet antistyles.css , and then save the style sheet in the new folder to move all
the styles from the home page to the external style sheet.
7. In the Files panel, open the stylesheets folder to view the new style sheet.
8. In a word-processing program, open the antihome.docx document located in the
Tutorial.03\Review folder included with your Data Files, select and copy all the con-
tent in the document, and then close the document.
9. In the Document window, use Paste Special to paste the content into the home page,
selecting Text with structure (paragraphs, lists, tables, etc.) and unchecking the Clean
up Word paragraph spacing check box. The content is pasted into the page with its
formatting intact but is displayed in the font you selected for the page properties.
10. Save the page, and then use the spelling checker to correct any spelling errors. Do
not change the spelling of antifest, which is an intentional combination of “anti” and
“fest” that forms the festival name.
11. Proofread the page content, being sure to pay careful attention for contextual errors.
In the heading text of the home page, the word “worlds” should be “world's.”
12. Format the page heading, “antifest, home of the world's freest festival,” as Heading 1,
and then create a new CSS rule with the tag selector type in the antistyles.css style
sheet that modifi es the h1 tag, as follows: text-transform: lowercase; color: #0F0.
13. Format the subheading, “site expansion project,” as Heading 2, and then create a
new CSS rule with the tag selector type in the antistyles.css style sheet that modifi es
the h2 tag, as follows: text-transform: lowercase; color: #FF3.
14. Save the home page and the antistyles.css style sheet, and then preview the home
page in a browser.
15. Upload the index.html page and the stylesheets folder to your live server, and then
preview the page over the Internet.
16. Submit your fi nished fi les to your instructor.
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