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style must be placed after the a:link and a:visited styles so that they don't hide the color
property of the a:hover style. Similarly, the a:active style must be placed after the a:hover
style, or the a:active color property will display when a user both activates and hovers
over the linked text. When you set the hyperlink attributes in the Page Properties dialog
box, Dreamweaver creates the CSS styles for the pseudoclasses of the anchor tag and
places the styles in the correct order in the style sheet.
In this session, you created CSS styles in the home page by redefi ning an HTML tag
and creating a class style. In the next session, you will export the styles from the home
page to an external style sheet, create CSS styles in an external style sheet, and attach the
external style sheet to the page of the NextBest Fest site.
Session 3.2 Quick Check
1. What is a CSS style?
2. True or False? When you redefi ne a CSS style after it has been applied to text,
the look of the content to which the style has been applied is also updated.
3. What is a CSS style that you create from scratch called?
4. True or False? You can save CSS styles in a style sheet that can be applied to all
of the pages in a site.
5. How does modifying an HTML tag make it more useful?
6. When do some designers prefer to create class styles instead of redefi ne existing
HTML tags?
7. With what letter or character do class style names start?
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