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Reasons to Choose HTML5
Flexibility. This is probably one of the biggest reasons that website creators
choose to use coding, like HTML5, instead of content management systems. As
HTML needs to be created from nothing, using proper coding, there are endless
possibilities. All you need to do is learn how to create something, or figure it out
yourself, and you can make a website in any way imaginable. Websites made using
HTML5 can work on a range of different browsers, without any troubles. They also
allow support for a range of different screen sizes, and the updates that HTML5 has
brought along don't stop there.
Efficiency. Unlike many CMS platforms, HTML5 does not need to use commu-
nication between servers and clients. This means that websites with HTML5 are ex-
tremely light, and tend to have much shorter loading times for users. The speed at
which the websites can adapt for screen sizes is also improved. Websites that are fast
to load are easier to use, and that means that users are more likely to keep looking at
your content.
Security. The problem with using a content management system (CMS), like
WordPress, is that they often are not very secure. There are plenty of people who have
had their WordPress sites hacked. The only thing keeping the hackers away from your
content is the passwords that you choose. HTML doesn't use passwords for access
to its databases, so there is a much lower chance that someone will be able to access
your system without permission.
SEO. If you are not familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is all
about trying to place webpages on the first search page of search engines, such
as Google. Unfortunately, search engines change their algorithms quite often, so
something that worked well in the past, might not work at all in the future. With
HTML5, you can easily make changes to suit these alterations. Being able to adapt
is crucial for successful SEO, as any expert will tell you. Sure, CMS platforms like
WordPress do have SEO plugins, but using HTML5 allows you to embed your SEO
techniques deeply into every desired part of a website. This can give much much
power over search engine rankings, and make websites much more successful.
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