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There are plenty of different tags to use, and lots of different ways to implement them into
your webpages. However, for now it is best to stick to just a handful of the key tags. Here
are some more common tags, and explanations for their uses:
These tags are placed around the primary page content. You might like to think of sections
as topic chapters, containing all of the content, no matter what format it is in.
This might contain some meta tags and the title of your website, but it often contains a web-
site's logo as well.
This works like a footer in a Word document, and is generally used to place copyright de-
tails, information about how to contact the author, and maybe links to other parts of the web-
This particularly helpful tag is used for placing content that related to the body article.
However, aside content should be removable, without ruining the flow of the article.
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