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Declaring Methods
A method declaration generally has the following things:
 Name for the method
 Return type of that method
 List of arguments or parameters
 Body for that method which actually defines the operations to be performed on
The general form for method declaration is
returnType MethodName ( argument-list)
Body for the method;
A class can have following types of variables:
 Instance variables: The variables defined inside a class but outside any method
are known as instance variables. As a class is loaded, these variables are instantiated.
These variables can be accessed from any method or block including constructor of
that particular class.
 Local variables: The variables defined inside any method, constructor or blocks
are known as local variables. The variable are declared and initialized within a
particular method and destroyed with the completion of that method.
 Class variables: These variables are defined inside a class but outside any
method with a single difference that they are declared using Static keyword.
In the above given example name, color, age are data member and eating, hungry, walking,
running, sleeping all these are functions.
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