HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
chapter four
Creating Styles Using Property Values
SO FAR, YOU'VE used a handful of properties to add styles to the page, such as background-color ,
background-image , and color . You learn more of these properties from Chapter 5 onward. Before that, take a
look at the different types of values that can be used with properties, allowing you to apply the exact styles you want
to a page.
Color Keywords
You've already added some colors to the page, which all made use of color keywords, like so:
#main {
background-color: white;
White is one color keyword of 16 that CSS defines:
• Black
• Silver
• Gray
• White
• Maroon
• Red
• Purple
• Fuchsia
• Green
• Lime
• Olive
• Yellow
• Navy
• Blue
• Teal
• Aqua
In CSS Level 3, another 146 color keywords have been added. I don't list them all here, but you can find them at .
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