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Figure 2-3 The index.html file when viewed in Internet Explorer 9.
In modern browsers, user agent stylesheets are similar, making creating cross-browser-compatible (pages that work
in all browsers) pages easier, but particularly in older browsers, consistency isn't so good. You can be thankful that
there's an easy solution to fix these inconsistencies.
Using a CSS Reset for Better Browser Consistency
A CSS Reset is a set of styles that overwrite user agent styles, making the default styles as consistent as possible
across all browsers. Eric Meyer ( ), an industry leader, has worked on improving this
technique over many years, producing a small set of styles that make writing CSS much easier from the start.
By using a CSS Reset, you must add a few default styles back into your own CSS, because they are almost certainly
required, but that is a small task when you consider how much easier it is to begin with consistent styles across all
To add a CSS Reset to the web page, follow these steps:
1. Copy and paste Eric Meyer's CSS Reset from .
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