HTML and CSS Reference
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<li class=”small-logo”>
<a href=”#” title=”Return to the front page”>Cool Shoes &amp; Sock-
<li class=”back-to-top”>
<a href=”#header” title=”Go back to the top of the page”>Back to
The footer holds a link to the front of the page and a link to the top of the page.
Figure 2-1 shows index.html when viewed in a web browser. The template doesn't much resemble a web page yet,
does it? All the information is there and so too is the navigation, but it doesn't look that great.
In Figure 2-1, notice that the content of the page is gibberish. This sort of text is known as Lorem Ipsum. It's
dummy text that can be used to fill out a web page with content, prior to real content being put in place. By using
dummy text, you can see how a page will look and function before you get any real content.
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