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Figure 16-2 The Cool Shoes & Socks page viewed in a Samsung Galaxy S II profile using Opera Mobile Emulator.
In the bottom-right corner of the Opera Mobile Emulator window is a small rotate symbol, as shown in Figure 16-3.
Click this symbol to rotate the device, as if it is in your hands and you are changing it from portrait to landscape
view and vice versa.
As you can see, Cool Shoes & Socks is difficult to read on such a small device. If this were the real device in your
hand, you would probably zoom in to read the content. Using media queries, you can make it so that users don't need
to zoom in and swipe around the page to be able to read it, while generally improving their experience of Cool Shoes
& Socks when viewing it on a mobile device.
Figure 16-3 The rotate button in Opera Mobile Emulator that allows you to change the emulated device between portrait
and landscape views.
Scaling the Viewport on Mobile Devices
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