HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
the main title on each page of a website should be changed from black to blue and that site consisted of 10 pages,
you had to change the style for that title 10 times.
By separating structure and presentation, you gain numerous advantages:
• A Cascading Style Sheet can be shared across multiple web pages.
• Sites are easier to maintain and become more flexible.
• The styles applied to a web page can be tailored to suit multiple devices/environments.
Figure 1-2 A web page with CSS.
In the modern web, the role of CSS is more important than ever. As technology has advanced and the ways in which
you access the web are more diverse, CSS must evolve to accommodate both users wanting to access information
over the web and developers wanting to present that information in a particular way. I say developers, but really I
mean anyone. The web is not just for the technically minded. Open information is for everyone, and CSS aims to be
as easy and open to use as possible, allowing anyone to style information.
The most important aspect of CSS is backward compatibility. Because each new level of the specification builds on
the last, CSS remains backward compatible. Although features may become deprecated, they still work in existing
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