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9. Save styles.css.
Now, as illustrated in Figure 10-4, all the text on the Cool Shoes & Socks page is styled in the Average font, except
for the titles that are styled in Belgrano—all generously hosted and provided free by Google Web Fonts.
Figure 10-4 The Cool Shoes & Socks page styled with the Average and Belgrano fonts.
Other Font Services
Of course, other font services are available, too. —Fontdeck has a wide selection of fonts and a great pricing structure that means
you pay only for the exact font you need. Prices per font start at $2.50 per year, which includes 1 million
page views a month. You can also try every font free for as long as you like. —Typekit also has a great selection of fonts. Pricing is based on subscription plans
that offer varying features. The free plan offers 25,000 page views per month with access to fonts in the Tri-
al Library. The personal plan offers 50,000 page views per month with access to the Personal Library at a
cost of $24.99 a year. A portfolio plan offers 100,000 page views with access to the entire library of fonts, at
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