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2. In your web browser, navigate to Google Web Fonts ( ) and search for
“Average.” When the Average font is displayed, as in Figure 10-3, click Add to Collection.
Figure 10-3 The Average font selected on the Google Web Fonts page.
The blue box at the bottom of the page shows the fonts you have in your collection. Google Web Fonts allows
you to add as many fonts to your page as you like, so find another font, too.
3. Search for the font “Belgrano,” and when it appears, click Add to Collection.
4. Now you have two fonts, click Use in the blue collection box.
Step 1 of this page shows that these fonts have a “Normal 400” style. This means the fonts come in only a
normal style, nonbold, nonitalic, and so on. However, when learning to change the styles of fonts in the
next chapter, you see that the browser can change a font's style without there being a specific variant of
that font. In this step, you also see a speed dial that shows these fonts will be quick to load. Great! If a
font comes with more styles and you know you're never going to use them, you can uncheck those styles
to speed up the delivery of fonts.
Step 2 shows the character set to be used. More often that not, you will use only the Latin set, so you don't
need to change anything in this step.
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