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best represents the characteristics of your desired font. Georgia, however, is web safe, so it is almost certainly in-
stalled on all devices.
Of course, web safe fonts have been used time and time again, so try using the CSS3 @font-face rule to use a
font that can be displayed without users initially having it on their device.
Figure 10-2 The Cool Shoes & Socks page with a font-family of Georgia.
Applying Fonts Using @font-face
Browser support: IE 4+, Firefox 3.5+, Chrome 4+, Opera 10+, Safari 3.1+
@font-face is a rule set of its own rather than a property, which allows you to specify a font to be downloaded
from a particular source. Although @font-face appears only in the CSS3 Fonts module (
css3-fonts/ ) , it was actually a feature first implemented by Microsoft in Internet Explorer 4—yes, another one
of those situations in which Microsoft did as it pleased. This is good news, though; it means every browser in use
today supports @font-face , but it isn't without its caveats.
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