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The Stretched Element technique is another useful method, particularly because it's so easy and can horizontally
center an element, too. However, when you are increasing the size of text in a browser such as Firefox, as shown in
Figure 9-23, although the button always stays vertically centered, the text breaks out of the button. Because the pur-
pose of resizing text is to make a page more readable, the user may be annoyed to find this happens to the text at a
larger size.
Figure 9-23 The showcase button vertically centered but with a larger font size in Mozilla Firefox.
The 50% Top Minus Half the Elements Height Technique
Another solution, and the final solution used for the Cool Shoes & Socks page, is to set the top position of the show-
case button to 50% and then pull up the button by half of its own height to make it vertically centered:
1. Undo the changes made for the Stretched Element technique.
2. In styles.css, change the top declaration in the .showcase .button rule set:
top: 50%;
3. In the same rule set, add the following declarations:
font-size: 1.6em;
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