HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
chapter nine
Understanding Display, Position, and
Document Flow
IN THIS CHAPTER, you complete the main layout of Cool Shoes & Socks, making use of the display and pos-
ition properties. Plus, you learn about the flow of a document. Later in the chapter, you use some of the more ad-
vanced CSS selectors that were covered in Chapter 3, to create a drop-down menu that will appear when users hover
over the “Shop” link.
Project files update (ch09-00): If you haven't followed the previous instructions and are comfortable working from
here onward or would like to reference the project files up to this point, you can download them from .
Document Flow
A document is the fancy name for a web page. A web page has a flow, which determines the layout of elements. Prior
to the preceding chapter, in which you made elements float, the entirety of the Cool Shoes & Socks page had a “nor-
mal flow.”
All elements on a web page, by default, have a normal flow, referred to as being “in flow.” This means the position of
one element affects the next. Figure 9-1 shows how the Cool Shoes & Socks page looked at the end of Chapter 7,
where all elements were in flow—each element following the next.
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