HTML and CSS Reference
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float: right;
3. Save styles.css.
By floating the logo to the left and navigation to the right, as shown in Figure 8-7, you make better use of the hori-
zontal space available. At the moment, the navigation still looks a little messy, but in Chapter 9, you learn about
display properties to better align those navigation links.
Figure 8-7 The logo and navigation links now float side by side.
Code Challenge: Make the Footer Elements Float Side by Side
In styles.css, do the following:
1. Add a new rule set for #footer li:nth-child(1) with the declaration float: left; .
2. Add a new rule set for #footer li:nth-child(2) with the declaration float: right; .
3. Add the declaration float: right; to the blockquote cite rule set.
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