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ential permits are needed. Traffic police generally turn a blind eye to motorcycles or scooters parked on
Road Network
Tuscany has an excellent road network, including autostradas, superstradas (dual carriageways) and major
highways. Most of these are untolled, with the main exceptions being the A11 and A12 (FI-PI-LI) auto-
strada connecting Florence, Pisa and Livorno and the A1 autostrada linking Milan and Rome via Florence
and Arezzo. For information about driving times and toll charges on these, check /.
There are several minor road categories, listed below in descending order of importance.
Strade statali (state highways) Represented on maps by 'S' or 'SS'. Vary from toll-free, four-lane highways
to two-lane main roads. The latter can be extremely slow, especially in mountainous regions.
Strade regionali (regional highways connecting small villages) Coded SR or R.
Strade provinciali (provincial highways) Coded SP or P.
Strade locali Often not even paved or mapped.
» Urban areas: 50km/h
» Secondary roads: 70-90km/h (look for signs)
» Main roads: cars 110km/h (90km/h in rain)
» Autostradas: cars 130km/h (110km/h in rain)
Road Rules
Cars drive on the right and overtake on the left. Unless otherwise indicated, you must always give way to
cars entering an intersection from a road on your right.
Seatbelt use (front and rear) is required by law; violators are subject to an on-the-spot fine. Children un-
der 12 must travel in the back seat, and those under four must use child seats.
In the event of a breakdown, a warning triangle is compulsory, as is use of an approved yellow or orange
safety vest if you leave your vehicle.
Italy's blood-alcohol limit is 0.05%, and random breath tests take place. If you're involved in an accident
while under the influence, the penalties can be severe.
Speeding fines follow EU standards and are proportionate with the number of kilometres that you are
caught driving over the speed limit, reaching up to €2000 with possible suspension of your driving licence.
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