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Tuscany features as the setting for some great crime fiction written by local and international authors.
» Michael Dibdin His popular Aurelio Zen novels include And Then You Die (2002), set on the
Tuscan coast.
» Michele Giuttari A former high-ranking Florentine policeman, Giuttari has set four of his Michele
Ferrara novels here : A Florentine Death (2008), A Death in Tuscany (2009), Death of a Mafia Don
(2010) and The Black Rose of Florence (2012).
» Lucretia Grindle The Inspector Pallioti novels - The Faces of Angels (2006), The Villa Triste
(2010) and The Lost Daughter (2011) - are set in Florence.
» John Spencer Hill The late Canadian writer set two historical crime titles here: The Last Castrato
(1995) in Florence and Ghirlandaio's Daughter (1996) in Lucca.
» Christobel Kent Her Florentine-based private detective Sandro Cellini features in A Florentine
Revenge (2006), A Time of Mourning (aka The Drowning River; 2009), A Fine and Private Place (aka
Murder in Tuscany; 2010), The Dead Season (2012) and A Darkness Descending (2013).
» Magdalen Nabb The prolific British crime writer wrote 14 novels featuring Florentine policeman
Marshal Guarnaccia.
» Iain Pears The Jonathan Argyll/Flavia di Stefano series includes The Raphael Affair (1991), set in
Siena; Giotto's Hand (1994), set in Florence; and The Immaculate Deception (2000), set in various
Tuscan locations.
» Marco Vichi Italian crime fiction writer who writes the Inspector Bordelli series. His latest title is
Death in Florence (2013).
» Elizabeth George In Just One Evil Act (2013), the first of the Lynley books to be set outside Bri-
tain, the Inspector travels to Lucca in search of a missing British child.
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