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that defeated Berlusconi in 1996 (only for Berlusconi to sweep back into power with an
unassailable majority at the head of a right-wing coalition known as Popolo della Libertà;
Regional elections in 2005 saw incumbent Tuscan president Claudio Martini of the left-
wing Democratici di Sinistra (DS; Democrats of the Left) win a second term in office.
Born in Tunis in 1951, he moved to Italy aged 10 and worked tirelessly to revamp the
healthcare system during his time in office. He rid Tuscany of a serious health-service de-
ficit and forged closer ties with the rest of Europe and Tuscans abroad.
Tuscany's regional government is headed by the president, elected every five years. In turn he
is aided by 10 ministers and a legislative regional council comprising 65 members, also elected
by proportional representation for the same five-year term. Keep tabs on regional government
and council at and respectively.
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