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142 E
140 E
North America Plate
35 N
Pacific Plate
Katsuura Basin
Deepsea Basin
Mogi Fan
Philippine Sea Plate
100 km
33 N
Fig. 3 Bathymetric map of the Boso triple junction area ( top ) (Courtesy M. Nakanishi) and a
single-channel seismic profile across the triple junction ( bottom ) (Line 2 of JAMSTEC cruise
KH86-5, location shown above). The vertical scale on the profile is two-way travel time. The nar-
row arrow indicates the dive site of the ROV KAIKO-10K and the broad arrow indicates a subma-
rine landslide (Adapted from Ogawa et al. 1989 ). The dive area is immediately north of the Mogi
Fan near the triple junction. The black dotted line northwest of the Katsuura Basin shows the strike
of normal faults identified by Iwabuchi et al. ( 1990 ). The Katsuura Basin is a ponded basin contain-
ing a thickness of at least 7,000 m of sediments dammed by the present-day accretionary prism
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