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Acknowledgments The author expresses his deep thanks to Yujiro Ogawa for the opportunity to
do this work. The author is grateful to Edward L. Winterer for suggesting a number of improve-
ments to the manuscript. The author is also grateful to the captains, crews, and scientific parties
of the cruises for cooperation to collect bathymetric and/or geomagnetic data (KH-90-1, KH-92-3,
KH-96-3, KH-03-1, KH-06-1, MR99-K04, KR99-11, KR04-08, KR06-03, YK08-09, MR08-02,
MR08-03, MR08-04, MR08-05, MR08-06, and MR09-03). The author acknowledges the staff of
JHOD for offering of their bathymetric and magnetic data for this study. The author would like to
thank Steve S. Cande, Dru Clark and the staff of the Geological Data Center, Scripps Institution
of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, for providing bathymetric data for three
cruises. The author is grateful to Makoto Yamano for permission to use the data collected in the
KR08-10 cruise for this study. Acknowledgement is also made to JAMSTEC and NOAA/NGDC
for providing bathymetric and magnetic data. The author would like to thank Yujiro Ogawa,
Yildirim Dilek, and Tomoyuki Sasaki for helpful comments.
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