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Fig. 5 Outcrop photos and photomicrographs of type 2 and 3 dark bands from Boso Peninsula.
( a ) Aerial photograph showing submarine landslide bodies: type 2 is observed just beneath the
submarine landslide body. ( b ) Outcrop photo of type 2: the dark band is in a landslide slide plane.
( c ) Photomicrograph of type 2: the ductile deformation of grains indicates an S-C structure.
( d ) Outcrop photos of type 3: the dark band lies along an accretion thrust (Yamamoto et al. 2000 ).
( e ) Photomicrograph of type 3: cataclastic grains are observed. Y and R are dominant shear and
Riedel shear, respectively (Modified from Michiguchi and Ogawa ( 2011 ))
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