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Fig. 11 Schematic sketches of a model that accounts for cementation and migration of active cold
seepage zones (Modified based on Anma et al. 2010 ). Vertical scale is exaggerated and arbitrary.
( a ) Fault rupturing will result in CaCO 3 -saturated fluid flow migrated along the fault plane
and ( b ) precipitated carbonate in nearby sandstones with high pore connectivity and permeability.
( c ) A hardened ridge front will be formed by repeated rupturing and fluid flow, ( d ) which in turn
act as an indenter for the inner wedge, and as a backstop for the outer wedge (Fig. 10 ). A new
bifurcation may be formed behind the ridge front, whereas frontal imbrications may propagate
forward in the outer wedge. ( e ) Seismic cross section with velocity anomaly (After Park et al.
2010 ) suggests presence of high velocity zone just above the megasplay fault
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