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Fig. 5 Results of tomographic inversion for line IBr10. See Fig. 3 for explanation
and the two-dimensional volume of imaged layers. From east to west, this line crosses
the northern Ogasawara Ridge (east of 490 km in Fig. 5 ), the Ogasawara Trough
(410-480 km), the northern foot of Suiyo Seamount in the volcanic front (405 km),
the northern tip of the Nishinoshima Trough (380-400 km), an unnamed seamount
(360-370 km), the Sofu Trough (240-360 km), the southern foot of Kita-Kyowa
Seamount in the rear-arc (210-230 km), the eastern Shikoku Basin (100-200 km),
and Hakuho Seamount (60-90 km) in the Kinan Seamount Chain. This line also
crosses the volcanic front where the crust is thin as shown by Kodaira et al. ( 2008 ).
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