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while (iterator.hasNext())
bestStep # step;
// restores the solution corresponding to the best
// performance step
iterator # problem.getResources();
while (iterator.hasNext())
The third functionality requires the use definition of two inner classes
that are nested in class ScheduleSheet , i.e. class MouseHandler and class
MouseMotionHandler .
MouseHandler extends class MouseAdapter of package java.awt.event by
redefining method mousePressed(MouseEvent e) and method mouseReleased
(MouseEvent e) . These methods are executed when the corresponding input
events are notified and are used to select an activity using the mouse
MouseMotionHandler extends class MouseMotionAdapter of package
java.awt.event by redefining method mouseMoved(MouseEvent e) and mouse
Dragged(MouseEvent e) . These methods are used to change the temporal
parameters of the selected activity.
public class ScheduleSheet extends JPanel {
ScheduleManager manager # null ;
Color colors[] # new Color[7];
Activity selectedActivity # null ;
boolean dueDateSelected # false ;
public ScheduleSheet(ScheduleManager manager) {
colors[0] #;
colors[1] #;
colors[2] # Color.magenta;
colors[3] # Color.cyan;
colors[4] #;
colors[5] #;
colors[6] # Color.gray;
this .manager # manager;
this .setBackground(Color.white);
this .addMouseListener( new MouseHandler());
this .addMouseMotionListener( new MouseMotionHandler());
this .setPreferredSize( new Dimension(50, 250));
public void paintComponent(Graphics graphics) {
super .paintComponent(graphics);
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