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The first feature encompasses operations such as starting processes and
observing their state during the enactment. The second feature requires the
capability of performing the activities listed in the work list. Since the user
interface we want to develop is very simple, we will merge these features
together. An example of the interface is shown in Figure 21.14. The figure
shows how the page appears in a browser window. The page is divided into
three sections:
Work List: presents the activities that the user should perform.
Processes: shows the processes that the user started and can monitor.
Process Catalog: shows a list of available processes the user can start.
The only process available in this case is the StudentTest process that we
already developed in the previous prototypes. The user has started two
instances of this process; they are both in the state open.running . There are
two pending activities in the work list: Define exercise and Correct exercise ,
they are activities belonging to the instances started by the user (as we can
see from the process keys shown in parentheses).
For the sake of simplicity, in this prototype we avoid the use of a database
to keep persistent information about users, processes and activities.
Figure 21.14 Web interface main page
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