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if (mediator.startNegotiation(client,provider)){
// if successful
System.out.println ("Client " ! i ! ":" !
mediator.getClient() !
System.out.println ("Server " ! i ! ":" !
mediator.getServer() !
// book the resource;
// recompute the provider preferences
} else
System.out.println("Negotiation failed!!");
} catch (Exception e){ e.printStackTrace(); }
Prototype 3: Distributed negotiation
This prototype extends the negotiation framework in order to distribute
service user, service provider and mediator roles on different network nodes.
The negotiation node should be decoupled from the service provider and
service user nodes.
We adopt the MMI framework developed in Chapter 19 to implement the
remote interconnection of users, providers and mediator agents. Each agent
is an autonomous application that interact with other agents.
The design of this prototype does not add new functionalities to the previous
prototype. It enables remote access to the negotiation framework.
Decision point
How do we structure the distributed agent system?
server structure for the
distributed agent system. In our system the negotiation server plays
the role of server; the service provider and the service user are clients of the
The problem we have to face suggests a client
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