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Table 17.1 Frameworks classification based on their scope and customization
Case study
Framework scope
Service framework
19 MMI
Middleware framework
20 Negotiation
Service framework
21 Workflow
Enterprise framework
software application and the file system where application states and state
changes are recorded in log files.
Chapter 19 (Multi-modal interaction framework) presents a middleware
framework that supports the development of large concurrent and distri-
buted systems. This case study abstracts the common features that charac-
terize distributed systems developed in Part III of this topic with the aim of
building a software infrastructure that provides mechanisms and abstract
classes for remote service creation, allocation and execution.
Chapter 20 (Negotiation-based service configuration) exemplifies the
development of an agent-based service framework that enables automated
negotiation of service execution contracts between service providers and
service customers. The framework extends the multi-modal interaction
framework presented in Chapter 19.
Chapter 21 (Workflow management system) deals with the development
of a workflow management system (WMS). A WMS is an example of grey-box
enterprise framework that enacts application-specific business processes.
Customization is performed using a suitable process definition language.
Enactment consists of assigning the right task to the right person at the
right time and ensuring that it is carried out within the required deadline.
A standard interface for monitoring and controlling processes is adopted. A
proof-of-concept interface is developed making use of web-based techniques.
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