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The UbiMail system must provide access to the email messages through
channels alternative to the web. The Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) is one
of these. Since the WAP is intended for mobile phones the interface must
show the amount of information that fits into the limited displays of these
An example of the login screen on a WAP phone emulator is shown in
Figure 16.9. It is the initial page; from this example the limitations of the
phone screen appear evident.
The WAP interface should present the list of email messages. For each
message the required information is the sender, the date and the subject.
The WAP and the HTML interfaces must be integrated seamlessly and
they should share the same access point URL. Both the web and WAP
browsers should be pointed to a URL such as
This makes the setup operations on the user side as simple as possible.
This prototype extends the previous one with a WAP user interface that
works in parallel with the web interface. The information presented though
this interface is similar, though reduced, to those offered by the previous
Decision point
How to integrate the WAP interface with the web interface?
Figure 16.9 Example of WAP page
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