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<body><h1> UbiMail </h1>
Hello <% # user.firstName() %> <% # user.lastName() %> .
<hr> [ <a href # "logout.jsp" > Logout </a> |
<a href # "setup.jsp" > Profile </a> ]
<h2> Your Mailbox </h2><%
try {
Folder folder # user.openPopServer();
if (folder ## null ) throw new Exception(user.getError());
int n # folder.getMessageCount();
%> Contains <% # n %> messages.
} catch (Exception e){
%> UbiMail encountered an error while accessing your
<p><tt><% # e %></tt><%
The test for this prototype extends the test of the previous one with the test
of the registration part.
The scenario to test is when the system is first deployed and the database
contains no user profile:
Open the initial page and follow the link to the registration page. The
browser shows the registration page that asks for the information of the
user profile
Fill the form and click the register button. The browser shows the page
that confirms the correct registration of the user
Go to the login page and perform the same test as in the previous proto-
type with the difference that this time, provided that the username and
password are defined in the registration, the system already knows the
Prototype 3: WAP access
In this prototype an additional channel is enabled: the WAP protocol. It sits
alongside the HTML interface and provides access through WAP-enabled
mobile phones.
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