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// return the description of the last error
public String getError(){ return lastError; }
// update the user profile
public boolean update(User user){
return user.update(stmt);
Class User embeds the profile information; it provides two methods to
open and close a connection to the mail server: openPopServer() and
closePopServer() . In addition it provides getter and setter methods to access
the profile parameters.
Several methods have package visibility. The constructors can load the
information from a row of the database represented by a ResultSet object, or
create a brand new profile with only the name.
package UbiMail;
import java.sql.*;
import javax.mail.*;
import java.util.Properties;
// represents a user profile
public class User {
// profile information
private String username;
private String pass;
private String firstname;
private String lastname;
private String popserver;
private String popuser;
private String poppass;
// error message
private String lastError;
// mail server connection
private Session ms;
private Store pop;
private Folder folder;
// creates a user from a row in the database
User(ResultSet rs) throws SQLException {
username # rs.getString("username");
pass # rs.getString("pass");
firstname # rs.getString("firstname");
lastname # rs.getString("lastname");
popserver # rs.getString("popserver");
popuser # rs.getString("popuser");
poppass # rs.getString("poppass");
Properties props # new Properties();
ms # Session.getInstance(props);
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