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Figure 16.6 Message list
Provide a name, e.g. “TestUser” and click login. The browser shows the
login.jsp page, that asks “TestUser” to provide data.
Provide server name, username, password for the mail server. The
browser shows the main.jsp page containing a list of the messages on the
server, similar to Figure 16.6; the rows have an alternate colour back-
ground to facilitate reading.
Click on the number of a message. The browser shows the contents of the
selected message.
Click on the link to return to the message list. The browser shows the list
of messages again.
Click the logout link. The browser shows the logout.jsp page that confirms
that the user has logged out.
Prototype 2: User profiles
In this prototype we develop a web mail system that keeps track of the
profiles of the users in persistent storage. The users who are registered with
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