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public class CartographicMap extends JPanel {
private ArrayList layerList # new ArrayList();
private MapLayer currentLayer # null ; // selected layer
private Image mapImage # null ;
private String fileName # null ;
private String mapName # null ;
private boolean sitesVisible # true ; // true for entities
private boolean linksVisible # true ; // to be displayed
private boolean areasVisible # true ; // on the map image
public void createMap(String fileName, String mapName) { }
private void showMap() { }
public void saveMap(String mapName) { }
public void openMap(InputStream inStream) { }
public void addLayer(String layerName, String colorName) {
currentLayer # new MapLayer(layerName, colorName);
public String[] getLayerList() { }
public void setCurrentLayer(String layerName) { . . . }
public MapLayer getCurrentLayer() { return currentLayer; }
public void setLayerVisibility(String name, boolean v) { }
public void setEntityVisibility( boolean sites,
boolean links, boolean areas) { }
Class Editor is the main class of the graphical editor. It builds on the
graphical components of the java.awt. * and javax.swing. * packages that
implement the menu and the mouse handlers used to create and edit a
cartographic map and to select its entities. We do not show the code, since
it is quite standard and could be created using any commercial CASE tool.
The test cases should verify the correct behaviour of the graphical interface
and the correspondence between data inserted by the user through the
interface, the data displayed on the screen, and the data saved on the XML
file. In particular it is necessary to verify that:
The creation of new maps, new layers and new entities is handled
Layer visibility and entity visibility are handled properly through the
menus of the graphical interface.
Only one layer and one type of entity are active at a time during the
editing process.
The vertices of the entities' shapes correspond to the selected mouse
For each map the user can save the list of layers and entities on an XML
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