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in # null ;
out # null ;
The class MarketStub implements the other end of the communication
protocol. A new instance of this class is created every time a terminal con-
nects to the server. This class is run in a separate thread, the method run()
consists of a long message loop that waits for a message, performs the
required operation and sends the reply containing the result.
package Market;
import java.util.StringTokenizer;
public class MarketStub
implements Runnable {
Socket socket;
Market market;
MarketStub(Socket sk, Market mk){
socket # sk;
market # mk;
// messages from the counter terminal are handled by
// the message loop that is executed in a
// separate thread
public void run(){
try {
InputStream in # socket.getInputStream();
OutputStream out # socket.getOutputStream();
byte [] buffer # new byte[1024];
long customer # 0;
long transaction # 0;
long employee # 0;
while (( int len # ! # -1){
String request # new String(buffer,0,len);
System.out.println(">" ! request);
StringTokenizer parser #
new StringTokenizer(request);
String command # parser.nextToken();
String param # "";
String response;
if (parser.hasMoreTokens())
param # parser.nextToken();
try {
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