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public class Controller implements Runnable{
Robot robot; // a reference to the robot
Thread thread # new Thread(this, "Controller");
// a thread object
OccupancyMap map # new OccupancyMap();
// the occupancy map
// the constructor
public Controller(Robot robot) {
this .robot # robot;
// starts the robot thread and the controller thread
public void start() {
public void run() {
String result; // the string that records a task result
double position[] # new double[3];
// the robot position
double measures[] # new double[360];
// the array of laser measures
int numMeasures # 0; // the number of laser measures
try {
// initializes the communication with the robot
PipeInputStream pipeIn # new PipeInputStream();
BufferedReader input # new BufferedReader(
new InputStreamReader(pipeIn));
PrintWriter output # new PrintWriter(
new PipeOutputStream(pipeIn), true );
// requests the current robot position
result # input.readLine();
parsePosition(result, position);
// requests a laser scan
result # input.readLine();
parseMeasures(result, measures);
drawLaserScan(position, measures);
this .repaint();
// requests a backward translation of the robot
robot.println("P1.MOVEBW 60");
result # input.readLine();
catch (IOException ioe) {ioe.printStackTrace();}
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