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for ( int i # 0; i < sensors.size(); i !! ) {
Device sensor # (Device) sensors.get(i);
if (deviceName.equals(
return sensor.println(command);
return false ;
Class Device implements the concurrency mechanisms that handle the
dynamics of the robot's components. It encapsulates the list of commands
that the device receives from the controller and implements the run()
method of the Runnable interface to process these commands.
public abstract class Device implements Runnable{
protected ArrayList commands # new ArrayList();
// the list of commands
protected Thread thread;
// the reference to a Thread object
protected long delay # 20;
// the delay between two steps in millisecs
protected boolean alive # false ;
// true when the thread is started
protected boolean running # false ;
// true when it is executing a command
protected Object lock # new Object();
// a lock for thread synchronization
public Device(String name, Position global,
Position local, Environment env) {
thread # new Thread( this );
// Inserts a new command in the command list and notifies
// the thread
public boolean println(String message) {
// inserts the command in the commands' list
synchronized (lock) { lock.notify();}
// notifies the thread
return true ;
protected synchronized void writeOut(String data) {
// The start() method activates the thread that executes
// this device
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