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Table 10.3 The sonar ring commands
Reads the distance to the nearest obstacles around the robot. Returns the set of
measures (sonar id - distance). The distance is set to 0 if the obstacle is too far
Measures the area around the robot. It repeats the measurement until it detects an
Update 2 Plan cycle. Initially the environment might be completely or
partially unknown. The robot moves in the environment, avoiding obstacles.
When the robot stops at a place, it acquires distance measures to the
surrounding obstacles. We assume that the environment is static, that is the
obstacles do not change their position and shape. The robot records the
sensory information and updates its internal representation of the opera-
tional environment. According to this representation, the robot plans its
next move in order to reach new places from which to acquire useful infor-
mation. The exploration is concluded when the operational environment is
completely known or the human operator stops the robot.
Figure 10.4 The spatial lattice that records the internal representation of the
operational environment
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