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Table 1.1 The phases of the development process
Description of the problem
A natural language text describing the
problem as it would appear during an
interview with the customer. Examples can
be used to make the description of the
problem clearer. Informal drawings can be
used to better explain complex concepts or
to provide examples
Problem analysis
Analysis of the specifications in
A natural language text that explains step
order to identify the main
by step the main features of the system,
features of the system. Domain
how they can be traced in the
specifications and their relationship to
each other. Use cases can be used to
identify the stakeholders and the main
functionalities of the system. System-level
test cases are defined at this point
Definition of the software
A natural language text that describes the
architecture of the system and
architecture of the system with its
planning of development steps
rationale. UML diagrams are used to
describe architectural views. A natural
language text that shows the plan of the
increments and the allocation of
components to them
Detailed analysis of the system Detailed analysis model (class diagrams)
for this iteration and selection of together with the rationale of analysis
available technologies
process and choices
Detailed design of the system for UML diagrams accompanied by rationale
this iteration, with evaluation of
for design decisions
different solutions
Implementation Implementation of the design
Identification of test cases in
Test cases for the modules developed in
order to assess the correct
the iteration
behaviour of the prototype
Definition of reusable elements
A list of the positive and reusable issues
and summary of new terms in
that emerged during the solution. Patterns
the “design vocabulary”
are presented in tabular form
Definition of system level acceptance tests . Based on the findings of the
problem analysis and on the main features of the system, a suite of test
cases is defined. These tests can be applied at the system level. It is
important to build the test cases in a modular way and to relate them to
features. This is intended to make it easy to apply the tests to inter-
mediate software artifacts produced during the incremental development.
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