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private void doNotify( int type, String info){
notifyObservers( new JavaParseEvent(type,info));
private void doNotify(int type){
notifyObservers( new JavaParseEvent(type));
Class JavaParseEvent contains the information about the events that
occurs during parsing. There are four types of events (as defined in
Table 8.1). The additional information is specific for each type of event and
consists of a string.
public class JavaParseEvent {
public static final int BEGIN_PARSING # 0;
public static final int FOUND_CLASS # 1;
public static final int FOUND_MEMBER # 2;
public static final int END_PARSING # 3;
public int type;
public String info;
public JavaParseEvent( int type, String info){
this .type # type;
this .info # info;
public JavaParseEvent( int type){
this .type # type;
this .info # null ;
The interface Documenter represent a generic documenter, it extends the
Observer interface and defines the method getResult() that returns the
element containing the generated documentation.
public interface Documenter extends Observer {
Element getResult();
The last class in this component is SimpleDocumenter . This class imple-
ments the Documenter interface providing implementation of the abstract
method in that class. The constructor initializes some attributes that repre-
sent the colours of the background, title and information text.
public class SimpleDocumenter implements Documenter {
// These attributes define the colour schema.
private String bgColor, titleColor, infoColor;
// Initializes the documenter, the parameters define the
// colour schema that will be used in the HTML page.
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