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file and formats the code structure in HTML. It emphasizes the role of
association and relationships between application components.
The other three case studies discuss three different software control
architectures that model the interaction between controller and controlled
Chapter 9 (Manufacturing work cell) deals with prototyping and simu-
lation of a manufacturing work cell. The control system is simulated as a
discrete event dynamic system, where system components are modelled as
finite state automata. A centralized event clock schedules events that trigger
state transitions. The control behaviour emerges from the event-based
interaction among the simulated devices. The architecture is single threaded
and supports the broadcaster
listener communication model.
Chapter 10 (Mobile robot exploration) deals with simulation of a robotic
system. The system is structured according to the master
slave architec-
ture. A software controller plays the role of master and sends commands
(e.g. “move forward” or “get sensor measurements”) to a mobile robot. The
mobile robot is a multithreaded component made up of independent
modules that simulate sensors and actuators and play the role of slaves. The
communication between master and slaves is asynchronous and message-
based and is implemented using the pipe mechanism.
Chapter 11 (Car parking) deals with simulation of an access control
system for car parking. The software architecture is multithreaded and
event-based. The system is organized in a client
server hierarchy of control
modules. The clients send commands to the servers according to the caller
provider paradigm. The servers notify state changes using the observer
observable mechanism offered by the java.util package.
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