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Under the constitution adopted in 1995 Armenia became a sovereign, democratic, social,
legal republic with semi-presidential system of rule. The President is elected by a national
referendum for maximum two five-year terms. The President appoints the Prime Minister
and with the motion of the latter they select Government ministers. The Prime Minister is
elected for four-year term and represents the legislative body. The country is divided into
11 regions including capital Yerevan. Local government officials are elected for three-year
term in local elections.
Each region has a Governor, appointed by the Central Government, who is responsible
for carrying out the national policies in his region.
Oficial name: Republic of Armenia
Capital: Yerevan
Major Cities: Gyumri, Vanadzor
Language: Armenian
Religion: Christianity, Armenian Apostolic Church
Teritory: 29.800 km 2
Independence date: 21.09.1991
National minorities: Russians, Yezidis, Assyrians, Greeks, Ukrainians, Jews.
Currency: Dram (AMD)
Rate: 480 AMD -1 US$, 570 AMD -1 EURO
Time zone: GMT+4
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