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Nowadays the official name of Armenia is the Republic of Armenia. The Republic of Ar-
menia occupying the 1/10 part of the Armenian Highlands is situated in the South Caucasus.
It lies in the eastern hemisphere south of the equator, at the juncture of the 45 o meridian and
the 40 o parallel, in the northern zone of the subtropics. It borders on Georgia in the north
and on Azerbaijan in the south-east. It neighbours on Turkey in the west and on Iran and the
Autonomous Republic of Nakhijevan in the south-east. Armenia covers a territory of 29.740
sq 2 . The climate is continental. The capital is Yerevan. Armenia is the homeland of all the
Armenians but only a small part of them live here while the greater part is spread all over the
world. In 1991 Armenia regained independence after 70 years of Soviet regime. Now it is a
democratic state with a presidential government. In 2001 Armenia become a full member of
the European Council.
Today Armenia welcomes its guests offering a variety of new hotels, restaurants, mu-
seums, open-air cafes, parks, historical sights, concert halls, modem cinemas and other
places of entertainment.
Visit Armenia and this ancient and new country will be a revelation for you.
Armenia is a pilgrimage of peace, diligence, mercy, goodwill, friendship, impartiality and
solidarity for all the peoples. Everyone who has ever set foot on this land admired Armenian
During the Flood forefather Noah's saving Ark landed on Mt. Ararat, thus the rebirth of
mankind ascends to the Armenian mountains and Masis has become the second cradle of
humanity. Even from afar but who would lose the chance to see Ararat on which after a
150-day drift landed Noah's legendary Ark. This converted both Ararat and Armenia into a
Visiting Armenia you will have a chance to get acquainted with its age-long history, ar-
chitectural monuments and national cuisine.
The visitor will be presented with all the sighs of Armenia starting from the pagan temple
of Garni and the monastic complex of Geghard to ancient caves, churches and thousands of
khachkars, wich will make their trip more informative.
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