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This monastic complex includes the tomb of king Ashot the III Merciful Bagratuni.
Ghoshavank Monastery was the tomb of the dynasty of Bagharuni.
The ruins of the ancient capital Ani can be seen on the left bank of the River Akhuryan.
For the first time Ani was mentioned in the 5th century as the fortress of Kamsarakans.
In the 8th century the prince Ashot Bagratuni the Msaker bought the fortress and made it
a possession of the dynasty of Bagratuni. Later in 961 the palace of Bagratuni was moved
from Kars to Ani which was proclaimed the capital of Armenia. Ani was one of the most
beautiful cities of the time. Nowadays the city is a ruined museum of the building genius
of Armenians. Shirak region abounds in constructions and churches of great architectural
Marmarashen is another original monastic complex. Recently not far from Artik town
the joint archeological excavations of Armenian and American archeologists yielded well-
preserved walls of the Urartuian era and objects of material culture.
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