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stone wall and several towers. It is said that up to the 18th century Lori fortress was inhab-
ited by Russians.
Kober Monastery is one of the most beautiful monasteries of Armenia. It is situated in
a narrow gorge where the springs flow down the rocks and the grape vines envelope the
walls of the monastery. The monument consists mainly of 3 churches, basements, refect-
ory, chapels, khachkars and the ruins of the walls of the monastery. Katoghike church situ-
ated south of the monument is partly built in the gorge. It was erected in 1171 by the two
queens of the dynasty of Kyurikyan but later became the property of the orthodox Georgi-
an dynasty of Zakaryan. The majority of the carved scripts are in Georgian. The campanile
and the crypt, located in the center of the complex, were built in 1279. Here are also the
gravestones of Mkhargrieli and his wife Vanena. The refectory is on the upper floor. Kober
Monastery was one of the most important cultural centers of Armenia.
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